Introduce Myself

Hello Everyone.
My name is Ha Dang Hoang.
And now i’m going to introduce myself to you.
I’m 29 years old.

I graduated at Hutech University, My major is network and system admin.

– I’m currently a system admin at Mat Bao company about 1 year.
+ My main task is organizing, managing and operating activities of the IT system to ensure the continuity of the services of infrastructure systems, stable safe and effective operation.
+ Analyzing, quickly resolving incidents in the process of operation and monitoring the system.
+ Research and apply new solutions to optimize the management, operation and monitoring the system.

+ Planning to renovate, upgrade devices in Datacenter of company including network device, firewall, server,…

+ Install and administration virtualizations system such as VMware, Openstack, Virtuozzo.

+ Install and administration monitoring system with Zabbix use Grafana dashboard and design template for Zabbix monitoring system by bash shell, python.

 + Install and administration log analysis system Graylog and ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana).

+ Install and administration backup storage system with Ceph cluster.

+ Research and deploy network local storage running load balancing, fault tolerance by Virtual Port Channel on Cisco Nexus switch device.

+ Researching and deploying ipv4 and ipv6 parallel systems for services running for customers

Before that, i worked at Minh Phuc company about 2 year.
+ Apart from the same jobs as Mắt Bão company, my main task is support 10 IT staff working at 2 branches of company.
+ Design, install and administration of billing system and mobile sip trunk system call out to mobile number by A2billing to route the call according to requests of customers.
+ Manage all mobile sip trunk numbers of all telecommunications networks for customers.

– And finally in the learning process, I joined IT department collaborator. My main task is design and deploy voip system and deploy monitoring system.

– I really like the work that i did. But i want to change to have a new challenge in my career, i want to work in an international environment, where i can use my experience to dig in much deeper within system and network. Which is why i’m so excited about this opportunity with Global CyberSoft.

Many thanks for your listening.

What is your weakness?
I can read and understand English document my English speaking ability may be my biggest problem at the moment but i belive i will improve it in future (as fast as possible).

I want to get a higher salary.
I want my salary to fit my qualifications and experience.

I agree with the interview schedule at 10 o’clock October 16, 2019.
I agree with the interview schedule at the time above.
Sorry, my english is not really good, can you speak slowly please.
I still don’t hear clearly.

Take advantages of experience and understanding of network and system to become a professional Network Administrator, bring a lot value to Customers. From that, I will contribute to development of Company.

Operating the Linux system: Install, configuration, administration, troubleshooting and use of services Domain Controller, Nginx, Apache, Tomcat, Logs, ELK, Storage, Monitoring System, High Availability …

Operating Windows System System deploying Windows-based services such as Domain Controller, VPN, Email, DNS, DHCP, PROXY, Firewall, IIS, Group Policy Management …

Have experience in deploying, managing virtualization infrastructure VMware, Proxmox, HyperV, Virtuozzo Cloud  and Openstack.

– Build, install and configure proficiently call center such as: Asterisk, MPCC, Goautodial automatic call on Asterisk platform, CIC on Windows platform and CME on Cisco. – Build, install and configuration A2billing billing system on Asterisk.
– Have experience in use some phone lines of Polycom, Yealink and 3CX softphone.

– Have experience in deploying and operating Microsoft Firewall types such as TMG; Fortigate, Pfsense … use basic services such as VPN, Filter website, Load Balancing, Web Proxy,…
– Have knowledge of security and experience in using security tools such as Tcpdump, Iptables, Pfsense, Squid Proxy, Firewalld.
– Deploy and operate Server running Virus Removal software Symantec Endpoint Protection, …

– Have knowledge of operating for Routers, Switches of Cisco, Draytek, Vyata, Juniper, Mirotik Router.
– Have knowledge of Routing, Switching, Security, Update Firmware, Stack, VPC,… Cisco Router and Switch devices. Have designing experience and deployment of backup solutions for system networks such as EIGRP, HSRP, GLBL, Etherchannel, Policy Based Routing, IP SLA, Vitual Portchannel on Cisco Nexus,…

– Knowledge of use SAN, NAS network drives such as Synology hard drive or FreeNAS, Openfiler on Linux.
– Have experience in deploying and operating Ceph Storage Cluster, Virtuozzo Storage Cluster on Linux.

– Have experience in installing and managing monitoring tools such as Cacti, PRTG, SolarWinds, Cacti, Centreon, Zabbix,… to monitor services such as bandwidth, server, sip trunk,… build auto alert monitor systems by SMS and Email.
– Use PHP to write warning script UP/Down sent via SMS and Email.

Deploy log analysis system such as: ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana), Graylog. Build auto alert monitoring systems by SMS and Email.

– Have experience and write basic website with PHP, HTML, CSS, use  jQuery, Javascript for Website; use open source such as WordPress, Opencard editor for Website.
– Have experience and write script with bash shell to automatically install some systems such as Virtuozzo Storage, Virtuozzo Compute, Ceph Cluster, Zabbix Monitoring, Graylog, ELK,… and warning programs, backup programs,…

– Have experience in installing, administration and using MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL.
– Planning to backup and restore daily Database.
– Build High Available for MySQL Server, MariaDB Galera Cluster with HAproxy, Heartbeat, Keeperlive.

– Have experience in installing and use VMware vCenter Converter Standalone, Disk2vhd to backup and move servers from physical to virtual.
– Install and use Server Veeam Backup to backup and restore Linux and Windows, manage in centralized.

– Knowledge of the physical servers of HP, Dell, and IBM, Supermicro.
– Have experience in using RAID Controller Card, lan card, hardware fault handling such as RAM, CPU, mainboard, …

– Have experience managing and handling errors in environments with large data up to thousands of Terabyte
– Have experience in using Wireshark, Tcpdump, analyzing Event Log to find and fix errors occurring on Server, Network and end user errors.
– Ability to self-study, self-study system deployment, passion for new technology, reading English documents.

– The Degree of Associate from HCM Unversity of Technology.
– B level English certificate.
– CCNA Certificate of Network Management issused by Training Center Vnpro.
– VMware Datacenter Virtualization Fundamentals Certificate.

– Working under pressure and high intensity.
– Ability to self-study and research.
– Reading English documents.
– Leadership skills, trainning skills
– Time management skills, teamwork skills, problem – solving.

– Participate in charity activities, blood donation.
– Enjoy travelling, reading, listening to music, watching movies, playing sports.

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