English every day.

You can go straight to the fork or intersection in front of you. The pharmacy is on the left. (you will see a pharmacy.)

Can i take a picture with you.

Do you want to exchange money?

You go upstairs, the hotel receptionist will help you.

We are massage staff.

Sorry, can I help you with something.

My English is not really good, can you speak slowly please?

Sorry, I still didn’t hear what you were saying

The way to this location is a bit complicated, I need a map, do you have a map.

We are in this here.

Do you see an intersection with traffic lights in front of you?

When you go to there, you keep going straight.

After you go to there, you can ask another person, they will show you the next ưay.

Do you like dogs?

Try touching it, it is very gentle, it not bite.

I don’t know why it’s so violent today.

Normally it’s very gentle, very cute.

I feel like it’s not as normal as everyday.

Can you give me your password.

Do you find the girls here very cute.

Can you do anything to support them?

This is my girlfriend?

I and she have been in love for 2 years.

Do you come Vietnam on your own or with someone?

Do you have any girlfriend?
It’s a bit sad but it’s okay, I believe in the future you will find a girlfriend you want.

Step1: Copy the firmware to the usb device and then connect the usb to the device need upgrade.
Step 2: Reboot the device and press CTRL + L on the keyboard to enter recovery mode.
Step 3: After entering recovery mode, use the copy command with the source is usb the firmware name space and the destination is bootflash, press enter to start copying firmware to the device.
Step 4: After copying the firmware to the device need upgrade, use the command bootflash name the firmware you just copied, press enter to start the device from this firmware.
Step 5: After the device has finished booting, use the command boot nxos bootflash firmware name, press enter to save the settings.

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